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  • Genetic Profiling: Gain unparalleled insights into the genetic profiles of your breeding animals, enabling you to make informed breeding decisions.

  • Health Optimization: Identify and manage potential hereditary health risks in your breeding stock, ensuring the healthiest future generations.

  • Breed Preservation: Safeguard the authenticity and purity of your breeds through genetic lineage analysis.

  • Trait Enhancement: Tailor your breeding goals by harnessing insights into desired traits .

  • Scientific Accuracy: Rely on 100% DNA analysis for precise and reliable genetic information.


How PETGENOMA Supports Breeders:

  1. Comprehensive Genetic Reports: Receive detailed reports with clear and actionable insights, making genetic information accessible and valuable for your breeding program.

  2. Breeder Community: Join a network of breeders who share your passion and dedication to responsible and informed breeding practices.

  3. Ongoing Support: Access expert guidance and support from our team of genetic specialists.

  4. Genetic certificate:  Scientific report on mutations to enhance the value of your breeding program.


Elevate Your Breeding Program with PETGENOMA:

  • Enhanced Reputation: Showcase your commitment to responsible breeding and the well-being of your animals.

  • Increased Demand: Attract discerning pet owners seeking well-bred, genetically healthy pets.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Elevate your breeding program to new heights with science-backed insights.

  • Healthy Generations: Ensure a legacy of healthier, happier pets for generations to come.


Join the PETGENOMA Breeder Community Today:

  1. Order Your DNA Test Kits: Select the right test kits for your breeding animals.

  2. Collect DNA Samples: Easily collect samples with our non-invasive saliva swab method.

  3. Access Comprehensive Reports: Receive detailed genetic reports that empower your breeding decisions.

  4. Connect and Grow: Join a community of dedicated breeders committed to responsible and informed breeding practices.

Your breeding Program's Success Begins Here with PETGENOMA

At PETGENOMA, we understand the passion and dedication breeders pour into their work. Join us in transforming your breeding program into a world of genetic excellence and responsible breeding. Order your PETGENOMA DNA test kits today and embark on a journey to breed healthier, happier pets with confidence.

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