Our goal is to extend the lifespans of pets worldwide while improving their overall well-being.

Founders history

Meet Bridget, the Chihuahua who sparked the birth of PETGENOMA. Jacky, a devoted pet parent and a scientist with over a decade of experience in Human Applied Genetics, was inspired to harness the same cutting-edge technology she used in Humans to empower Bridget and unveil her distinctive genetic composition.

Delving into the mysteries of her genes! To keep her longer and healthier.

By obtaining guaranteed and precise results, we can make better-informed choices regarding our dogs' overall health and wellness.

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 We have the technology to health optimize your dog´s life and help it live healthier through
the power of personalized care. 

Our personalized genetic testing will give you a comprehensive picture of your dog´s genetics and how to extend the health span and lifespan of your dog.


with the backing of

PETGENOMA is a UK-based Pet-Tech company with cutting-edge technology in genetic health screening and pet DNA tests, available to owners and veterinarians worldwide to revolutionise the Pet Care Sector. 

We are a multicultural and multinational team of experts working for the best pet healthcare. Our team has many years of experience combined with DNA experts, veterinarians, biologists, Human Health Experts and more. We’re committed to helping make the world a healthier place for our furry friends! And we want to ensure that all pets have the best possible health care. That’s why we’ve created strong standards that focus on dog health. Join us in our mission to make healthier pets in the world— with #PETGENOMA #UnleashTheDNA

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 CEO Founder DirectorBusiness Intelligence. 


The owner of everything

Jackeline Palma, MSc.,
CEO & Founder.

MBA | MSc. Ed | BSc. Biology | BA International Marketing| PgDip Human Applied Genetics| PMI-ACP Agile | PRINCE2 | Chihuahua dog owner | PgDip Planning and Strategy | Member of the British Genetic Society | Fellow of The Linnean Society of London | Member Royal Biology Society | Member of Health Management Institute | Healthcare & Optimize Coach |

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Welcome to PETGENOMA, your trusted source for dog genetic testing. Join us at the London Veterinarian Show speaker session for the latest insights and reliable results.

Picture a world where you can cherish your pets for a lifetime. At PETGENOMA, we provide cutting-edge 100% genetic test analysis, empowering pet owners, breeders, and veterinarians with informed decisions for pet health. With our actionable insights and user-friendly reports, you can proactively care for your pets, spot potential risks, and even save lives. Join us in transforming the pet care industry and ensuring healthier, happier lives for your furry companions. PETGENOMA: Where Genetic Discovery Meets Unconditional Love. #UnleashtheDNA