Revolutionizing pet healthcare with the power of Genetic Testing.

Dogs are our passion and we truly love what we do!

We are developing the most accurate world health test for dogs, intended to help dogs live longer and healthier lives.

We can target health risks by conducting genetic testing to prevent and delay many diseases.

DNA Experts, Veterinarians and Biologists back our work. 

A Special Level of Care

We’re committed to helping make the world healthier for our furry friends! We’re proud to help you keep your pet healthy and happy.
With our #petgenoma you can give them the monitoring, care, and well-being they deserve in no time.

Every dog owner, veterinarian and breeder knows: nothing is more important than our furry family members' health.

That's why we've developed #petgenoma kit that helps you make the best decisions for your pup.Join us in our mission to make healthier dogs in the world—share your experiences and thoughts by tagging us at #petgenoma

More, healthier years with your dog!

Intended to extend the lifespan and health span of dogs.

Are you interested in getting your dog involved in upcoming clinical studies? Be the first to know.

Let’s make history together!


As dog parents, we want nothing more than to give our best to our furkids! That’s why we’re here to make caring for dogs' journey easier. Keep an eye out for signs, we tell you what you need to monitor to get peace of mind by choosing @PETGENOMA health test.

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We pride ourselves in being a collaborative effort to bring the best of scientific and veterinary knowledge to you. Our research is powered by the top scientists and veterinarians who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world.

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Be part of this mission to help improve dog traits and breeding practices.

We understand the importance of raising healthier dogs, which is why we have established a program that assures litters are of top quality.

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